2018 Cup Finals

2018 Cup Finals

I would like to take this opportunity to recognise and thank everyone connected with Bexhill United FC for providing the facilities for our cup final. I’m sure that the surroundings, together with the support of the crowd, will lead to all the players having a day to remember and treasure. After all, that is really all that matters.

I’d also like to give my wholehearted congratulations to all the teams getting to the final.

Cup football, at all levels of the game, is often more exciting simply because of the ‘sudden death’ element. A team can afford to slip up once or twice over the course of the season when playing for its league place, but you obviously don’t have that luxury in a knockout tournament competition format. However, the Rother League prides itself on being regarded as a sporting League, where the F in Football stands for FUN! Although there are trophies at stake, I trust that this philosophy will continue to be maintained by everyone here.

These occasions should never pass without a huge vote of thanks to those who have made this Cup Final possible. I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the Match Referee and Assistants, who turn up, week in and week out, often suffering torrents of rain (and even, sadly, occasional abuse). They are the unsung heroes of youth football, and I trust you will all show your gratitude to them at the end of the match and your respect for them during the game.

Thanks also go to the various Committee members who run the League and give up large chunks of their personal time (without pay!) to ensure there is a local Youth League to take part in every weekend and Cups to compete for.

Finally, my thanks go to you, the players, parents, supporters, managers and other Club Officials who make all of this possible. I do hope that, whatever the result, you enjoy your special day and that the game is played in the spirit in which it is intended. Richard Hubble Rother League Vice President